Top Ten Ways (& Growing) We Strive to Earn Your Business

Largest Selection on the Planet: We offer the most complete line of stock corrugated signs, shapes and colors available anywhere. If you can find another manufacturer that makes a more diverse selection of stock corrugated signs in your colors, we want to hear about them. Got a hot new shape or title your agents are clamoring for? Call us and we'll find a way to get your needs taken care of.

Quality at it's Best: Great care goes into every product we make. We are ISO 9001:2000 Certified which means you can expect consistent quality results with each and every shipment. At Planet Sign Shop, you’ll never run the risk of “getting what you paid for”. If it's not the best, we won't sell it. We guarantee complete satisfaction with all our products. We will fix or replace any defective product immediately upon demand.

Fast Friendly Customer Service: Call us during business hours (8am-5pm CST) and chances are, you'll get a human to answer the phone and take care of all your concerns to your highest satisfaction. If you've ever e-mailed us for information, chances are you've always gotten back a very prompt reply.

Low Prices: We don't match low prices, we set them. Once you've compared our low prices, superior quality and huge selection, you'll know you're dealing with the best experts in the land. If you can find the same quality at a lower price somewhere else, we want to hear about it.

Made in America: We strive to insure all our products are produced right here in the "Heartland of America". Look for our new USAMADE logos on everything we make here in Texas.

Experience: With over 30 years experience in all facets of the industry, and 25 of those years selling to hundreds of real estate stores (references available), you can rest assured you are dealing with the resident experts in the business. If we can't find you a product or answer your questions, we'll direct you to someone who can.

New Products, New Titles, New Services, New Ideas: Just click on any of our main directories to get an idea of the scope of new products and ideas we have to offer your members and agents. Count on us for exciting new product introductions each and every week.

Same Day Shipping: 99.5% of all orders will usually the same day you place them. You can count on us to keep the largest selection of goods on hand to insure we have ample stock to meet your member's needs. Adaptability: Along with stock and custom signage, we offer high quality Sign Making equipment that will allow agents and office assistants to easily make custom signage on the spot in minutes as needs arise. Your agents and homeowners both will be very impressed with how fast you can cater to custom listing needs. We currently have many very successful Sign Department programs in place whereby we offer pre-printed sign masters to clients who have purchased this inexpensive sign making package (references available).

Group Discounts: Call us for information on programs for saving 20 – 30% on our published retail prices. We offer special corporate programs where we will stock all major logos upon request.

Environmentally Friendly: All products are produced using “Earth Friendly” inks and materials. In addition, all waste products are either recycled or rendered harmless in compliance to all mandates prior to disposal.

Green Policy: We ask every one of our suppliers about ways we can work together to negate any influence our industry has upon the environment. Do all your vendors offer a "Green Policy"? There is no time like now to find ways to help us make a difference.

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